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About Artisans 


Head priest 

Head priest: Keisui Fujita

住職 藤田慶水

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Zen monk of the Tofukuji School of Rinzai Zen Buddhism.He was ordained as a Zen priest of the Tofukuji Order of Rinzai Zen Buddhism in 2003, and was a member of the Tofukuji Order of Rinzai Zen Buddhism.
In 2003, he began his Zen training at Tofukuji Temple, the head temple of the Tofukuji School of Rinzai Zen Buddhism, in Higashiyama, Kyoto, under the guidance of Tofukuji Temple head priest, Fukushimaso Keido Roshi. In 2009, he entered Zen meditation with Master Yushoken Harada Yudo at Tofukuji Zen Dojo, where he remained for 10 years until 2012, when he completed his training.
After several months of traveling and staying at Dharma related temples all over Japan, he became the vice chief priest of Ryuko-ji Temple in Suzuka in 2013.



Painter: YUTA NIWA

日本画家 丹羽優太

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Inheriting the characteristics of Japanese art, such as "to see, to trace, and to arrange," he uses traditional Japanese materials such as sumi ink and washi paper in his works. Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1993. Studied at Geneva University of Art and Design. Graduated at the top of his class from Kyoto University of Art and Design.


JP Vegan chef 

JP Vegan chef: ISSEI UEDA

精進料理人 上田壱盛

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He is the fifth generation of the "Yaoji" vegetarian restaurant.
After graduating from university, he trained for three years at a ryotei restaurant in Arashiyama before joining Yaoji. Founded in 1868, Yaoji is a 155-year-old restaurant specializing in catering to vegetarian cuisine, and serves as a purveyor to historic temples in Kyoto, regardless of religious denomination. While continuing the tradition and history of being the fifth generation of a long-established business, the restaurant is also actively challenging new ingredients and cuisine.


Candle artisan

Candle artisan: Koichi Tagawa

和蝋燭職人 田川広一 

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One of the 10 Japanese candle studios in Japan. Using naturally derived vegetable materials, craftsmen handcraft each wagoroku candle in the traditional way.

Founded in 1887 (Meiji 20), the company has been making products exclusively from Japanese candles for more than 130 years.

While continuing to produce traditional Japanese candles that have remained unchanged since ancient times, the company is also actively involved in various activities to pass on Japanese candles to the next generation, such as developing new types of Japanese candles, launching a project to cultivate the wax tree that is the raw material for Japanese candles, and proposing ways to use Japanese candles that are more in line with today's lifestyle. We are also actively engaged in a variety of activities to pass on Japanese candles to the next generation.


Sword polisher

Sword polisher: MASATO TABATA

日本刀研師 田端眞人

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He started karate, judo, kendo, and various other martial arts at an early age, and studied martial arts at the Shaolin Temple in Mt.
After returning to Japan, his interest in Japanese martial arts, culture, and the arts deepened, and he began iaido (Japanese sword), traditional performing arts, and traditional Japanese musical instruments. 16 years old, he joined the professional taiko drumming group "Mai-Daiko Asuka-gumi" and studied taiko, Japanese dance, shakuhachi, and shinobue flute after performing in Japan and abroad.
Later, he became a member of one of the five schools of the Shite school of Noh, also known as "ceremonial music of the samurai, He studied under Eikin Kongo, the 26th headmaster of the Kongo School, and Ryukin Kongo, the 27th young headmaster of the Kongo School. Currently, he is the founder of Kyoto Samurai Experience in Kyoto, He is currently promoting various aspects of Japanese culture.

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Buddist Sculptor 

Buddist Sculptor: MUTSUMI TOMITA

仏師 冨田陸海

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After graduating from high school, he studied under his father to engage in the family business of sculpting Buddhist statues.
Later, he and his brother became independent and worked on numerous temple sculptures, restoration of Buddhist statues, restoration of imperial tablets, etc. In 2010, he launched the silver jewelry brand "Mutsumi," utilizing his sculpting techniques.

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